Thursday, April 9, 2009

Best season in Tokyo

Here are the pictures of cherry blossom trees along a water path in the area where I lived until last year. My best friend took them last week and sent me. I like this time of year the best, warm and beautiful.

Cherry blossom can be seen as a symbol that implies the Japanese view of life. It is just a week we can enjoy the flower of cherry blossom; it shows amazing scenery but lasts only a short period of time. They so often compare it to the life of human.

This kind of comparison has been used for a long, long time, and I believe that is part of our collective view of life. There is an old novel titled "Hojoki," which was written in 1212, and this work begins with the following line:

"The flow of river never stops, and the water flowing there is never the same water. Bubbles floating on the flow appear and disappear, and never stay at one place. People and their home in this world are similar to this flow of river." (- Sorry for my bad translation)

And I think the mind of people who find beauty of life in this line is consistent with their habit of going out to see cherry blossom.

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  1. Very beautiful pictures. Your quote was very lovely too. It really made me think.